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A FTER holding our big I Saw Dance with the
l\Assiniboines and Gros Ventres we left them
the next day with 'good feelings in all our hearts'
—as our chief expressed it in his farewell speech to
the camp—and we started down the river to a
point where the Assiniboines had told us that they
had crossed without any trouble. We crossed
the Missouri and bent our steps northward to
see if we could find any buffalo in the 'Chinook

We had been trekking northward for three days,
when one night, near midnight, we were all awak-
ened suddenly by a strange noise. Startled to the
quick, we sat up in our pallets and listened in
silence for several seconds, then turned and looked
at one another in the dimness of the flickering fire,
and wondered out loud. It was a strange, weird
noise; yet we knew -it. It was a song—a death
song! 'Who can it be?' we asked in fearful whis-